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heideggers glasses thaisa frank

Thaisa Frank Discussing "Heidegger's Glasses" Author and longtime UC Berkeley Extension writing instructor Thaisa Frank reads from her 2010 novel, Heidegger's Glasses, ...

Interview with Thaisa Frank - ON HER NOVEL, Heiddeger's Glasses Writing Pad instructor Thaisa Frank talks about writing her debut novel, "Heidegger's Glasses." She reveals how the story idea ...


heideggers interpretation of kant categories imagination and temporality

Martin Heidegger on Interpretations of Dasein and Temporality (B&T) - Philosophy Core Concepts Get Heidegger's Being and Time -
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Philosophy ...

PHILOSOPHY - Heidegger A look at Martin Heidegger - an often incomprehensible but deeply valuable German philosopher who wanted us to lead more

heideggers eschatology theological horizons in martin heideggers early work oxford theology and religion monographs

Studying Theology and Religion at Oxford by Dr Mary Marshall Studying Theology and Religion at Oxford by Dr Mary Marshall

Relation of Theology and Philosophy of Religion Roundtable What is the relationship between theology and philosophy of religion? Helen De Cruz (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, VU ...

Heidegger’s Black Notebooks: A Conference –

heideggers confrontation with modernity technology politics and art indiana series in the philosophy of technology

The Question Concerning Technology (& Social Media) - Heidegger I explore Martin Heidegger's essay The Question Concerning Technology and use it to analyze Social Media. Heidegger built on ...

Heidegger and Technology Robert Harrison discusses the thought of Heidegger with guest Thomas Sheehan in this episode of Entitled Opinions, a KZSU

heideggers being and time and the possibility of political philosophy

An Introduction to Heidegger: Being and Time In this video, I look at the basic concepts in Part One or (Division One) of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time.

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Martin Heidegger on The Question of the Meaning of Being (Being and Time) - Philosophy Core Concepts Get